Reasoning With Democratic Values 2.0

Instructor's Manual

Instructor's Manual

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Rationale and Goals

Content and Organization

The Learning Activities

Questions and Answers About the Curriculum

Washington Post piece about presentisim

Teaching the Chapter

Fishbowl discussion strategy

Assessment and Grading


RDV Volume 1,  Additional Information (AI) to the Instructor's Manual is linked directly to each chapter.

Part I: The Colonial Era (1607–1775)

1. Stamp of Approval: Father Junípero Serra and the Spanish Settlement of California
2. The Blame and Shame of It: Salem Witch Trials
3. Defending the Redcoats: John Adams and the Boston Massacre
4. A Luxury We Can’t Afford: Thomas Jefferson and Slavery

Part II: The New Nation (1776–1800)

5. Not One Morsel: The Petition of an Enslaved African Woman
6. Washington for the British: Harry Washington and a Question of Loyalty
7. The Power of a Fraction: James Wilson and the Three-Fifths Compromise
8. A Little Rebellion Now and Then: The Whiskey Rebellion

Part III: Nation Building (1801–1828)

9. Chilling Effect: The Greenleafs and Freedom of the Press
10. Back to Africa: The American Colonization Society and Daniel Coker’s Mission to Settle West Africa
11. Gerry’s Salamander: Governor Elbridge Gerry’s 1812 Redistricting of Massachusetts
12. A Bowl with One Spoon: Chief Tecumseh and the War of 1812

Part IV: Manifest Destiny (1829–1849)

13. A Woman’s Place Is in the Factory: The Lowell Mill Strikes and Labor Reforms
14. The Will of the People: Cherokee Removal
15. Foreigner in My Native Land: Juan Seguín and the Texas Revolution
16. A Different Drummer: Henry David Thoreau

Part V: A House Divided (1850–1865)

17. The Bloodhound Law: The Fugitive Slave Law and Northerners’ Resistance
18. Blow Ye the Trumpet: Antislavery Zealot John Brown
19. Tears of Blood: Robert E. Lee and The Civil War
20. Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Fight: Andrew Carnegie and The Civil War Draft  

RDV Volume 2, Additional Information (AI) to the Instructor's Manual is located directly below each chapter.

Part VI: Reconstruction and The Gilded Age (1866–1890)

21. Pioneering Suffragists: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Universal Suffrage
22. The Last Battle of The Civil War: The Presidential Election of 1876
23. Kill the Indian and Save the Man: Luther Standing Bear and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School
24. Telling a Lie to Discover the Truth: Nellie Bly's Investigative Journalism   

Part VII: Industrialization and Reform (1891–1918)

25. Richest Man in the World: John D. Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company
26. The Wobbly Giant: Conflict Between Labor and Capital on the Frontier
27. General Manager of the Nation: Nelson W. Aldrich and the Income Tax
28. A War to End All Wars: American Entry into World War I

Part VIII: Between the Wars (1919–1940)

29. Stealing North: Escaping Jim Crow
30. Dust Can’t Kill Me: Bank Foreclosures in the Great Depression
31. Deportees: Deportation and Repatriation to Mexico, 1929–1939
32. United We Sit: The Flint Sit-Down Strike  

Part IX: Hot and Cold War (1941–1989)

33. Yearning to Breathe Free: The Voyage of the St. Louis
34.  Tell Them We Love Them: Japanese Americans During World War II
35. Naming of Names: Elia Kazan and McCarthyism
36. Crime After Crime: The Burglary of an FBI Office

Part X: Contemporary America (1990–2017)

37. Forty Acres and a Mule: Reparations for African Americans
38. Bake Me a Cake: Wedding Cakes and the Constitution
39. Accord Discord: The Paris Climate Accord of 2015



Instructor's Manual