Reasoning With Democratic Values 2.0



Reasoning with Democratic Values 2.0 is a powerful approach to learning history that is highly engaging for young people. The lively writing of exciting and true stories provides ample background to engage students in discussions of well-framed questions that are perennial and important.”

Diana Hess, dean, University of Wisconsin Madison’s School of Education

"I cannot imagine a more valuable or timely resource for teachers of U.S. history. Ethical reasoning is joined with historical reasoning—values with inquiry—in an array of well selected cases. This curriculum belongs in every U.S. history classroom."

Walter C. Parker, professor of social studies education, University of Washington

“How can American citizens learn to converse across their differences? Part of the answer surely lies in history instruction, which can teach us about divisions that have wracked the nation and--most of all--about how we have bridged them. These superb books will help do exactly that. Clearly organized and eminently balanced, these volumes are suffused with the same democratic spirit they aim to promote.”

Jonathan Zimmerman, University of Pennsylvania

"I think the aim of the books is admirable…. Looking at the titles of the episodes and individuals you’ve selected, they seem appropriate to me…. I hope the books do well.”

Mary Beth Norton, professor of American History and fellow,Cornell University; President of American Historical Association

“These volumes will help build a deeper understanding of significant historical concepts and present wonderful opportunities to engage in critical thinking around complex ethical issues.”

Amy B. Bloom, J.D., social studies education consultant, Oakland Schools

"Reasoning with Democratic Values 2.0 enriches learning in social studies classrooms. The chapters not only provide thorough historical accounts, the narratives enhance teachers' and students' understanding of the complexities of decision-making in an imperfect democracy. These books are a useful resource not only in U.S. history classrooms, but also for government, sociology, ethnic studies, and ethics classes."

LaGarrett King, University of Missouri

"Reasoning with Democratic Values 2.0serves as an important contribution to help students think—and act—as ethical, prosocial members of a democratic society, which is certainly needed in this age of reactive and polarizing political discourse and action. I'm fully behind educators' efforts to inject discussions about ethical issues into the classroom as a way to help students better understand who and what is affected by their decision-making."

Paul Barnwell, education consultant and former Kentucky public school teacher

"At a time marked by polarization and incommensurate moral disagreement, citizens must practice a rather heroic form of civility and sober examination of opposing views. Reasoning with Democratic Values 2.0 provides both the raw material and appropriate structure for students to develop these habits, and it will undoubtedly earn a place in many American history classrooms."

Brett Bertucio, University of Wisconsin-Madison