Reasoning With Democratic Values 2.0

Chapter Related Links

Chapter Related Links

The authors of RDV2.0 will be adding posts from time to time to supplement the chapters in the two volumes.  Please feel free to suggest additional articles by emailing

Chapter 1. Stamp of Approval: Father Junipero Serra and the Spanish Settlement of California.

The linked article explains the various attempts at Stanford University to remove Father Serra from its campus references. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Chapter 2. The Blame and Shame of It: The Salem Witch Trials.

The linked article discusses how we can learn from the Salem Witch Trials regarding treatment of women. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Chapter 7. The Power of a Fraction: James Wilson and the Three-Fifths Compromise

Professor Edward B. Foley, a professor of law at the Ohio State University, adds depth, unique insights, and consideration of possible reforms to the Electoral College. The subject of the Electoral College is an important part of Chapter 7. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Chapter 11. Gerry’s Salamander: Governor Elbridge Gerry’s 1812 Redistricting of Massachusetts.

The linked article explains the attempt by people in Michigan to end the practice of gerrymandering legislative districts. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Chapter 21. Pioneer Suffragists: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Universal Suffrage.

The linked article explores how the suffrage movement betrayed Black women. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Chapter 23. Kill the Indian and Save the Man: Luther Standing Bear and the Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

The linked article describes the history in the United States of separating children from their parents. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Chapter 31. Deportees: Deportation and Repatriation to Mexico, 1929-1939.

The linked article explains how some textbooks hide the mass expulsion of Mexican Americans during the Great Depression. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

The linked article describes how a president deported one million Mexican Americans to protect the jobs of American workers during the Great Depression. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Chapter 33. Yearning to Breathe Free: The Voyage of the St. Louis

This link is to an article that appeared in the British newspaper, The Independent on November 7, 2018. It references the rejection by Canada of the Jewish refugees aboard the St. Louis. The article includes additional details about some passengers aboard the ship. It also describes considerations by four countries (Belgium, England, France, and Holland) surrounding their decisions to accept some of the St. Louis refugees. The motives of Nazi Germany’s leaders for sailing the ship with its Jewish passengers are analyzed in the article. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Chapter 34. Tell Them we Love Them: Japanese Americans During World War II.

The linked article describes the the expatriation of Peruvians of Japanese descent in the United States during World War II. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Chapter 37. Forty Acres and a Mule: Reparations for African Americans

Affirmative action article from The Atlantic CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

If  direct reparations to African-Americans are not politically feasible, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) has a proposal to provide a trust account to each American child. In the fall of 2018, Booker announced the “Baby Bond” proposal as a bill in Congress. It call for the government to create a trust account containing a thousand dollars for each infant. Each year, the Treasury would add as much as two thousand dollars, depending on the child’s household income, so that by adulthood the children of the poorest families would have a nest egg of nearly fifty thousand dollars. The money could be withdrawn only to buy a house or to pay for higher education or professional training. Booker estimated the cost of the proposal at sixty billion dollars a year, and said that he planned to pay for it by, among other things, raising estate taxes back to their 2009 levels and then raising taxes on the largest inherited fortunes—those of more than eighty million dollars—further still. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE.

Chapter 39. Accord Discord: The Paris Climate Accord of 2015.

The linked article discusses climate change on global weather patterns and the inaction of government in addressing the issue. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE. CLICK HERE FOR REPORT.